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the insurance lobby is against reform. again.

Last fall Harvey Rosenfield spoke at DMI's Marketplace of Ideas series about a ballot proposition he had passed in California that successfully lowered the cost of many kinds of insurance by regulating how much insurers could raise rates (you can listen to it here). Stopping price gouging was a great idea - those poor little insurance companies seem to be doing just fine without their jacked-up prices.

Right now in CA there is a new ballot proposition intended to clean up the role of money in California politics, Prop 89 and guess whose funding the majority of the fight against this good government initiative? The insurance lobby!
Shocking. Read about it on California Progress Report's site:
Most of the Money Against Clean Money Initiative Prop 89 Comes from Insurance Companies - Wonder Why?

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Posted at 9:55 AM, Aug 28, 2006 in Government Accountability | Governmental Reform | Insurance Industry | Politics | States
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