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Mike Huckabee doesn’t know what Americans want

"Most Americans don't want more government — they want a lot less."

Gov. Huckabee is a good speaker. But he doesn't know what Americans want. He only knows what will make RNC delegates clap.

Here's what Americans want:

75% of middle-class Americans want a national health insurance plan available to all Americans
71% of middle-class Americans want to require employers to provide paid and family leave
68% of middle-class Americans want to allow employees to be represented by a union when a majority of co-workers sign cards requesting representation
68% want to tax the income by hedge fund managers at the same rate of others
78% want to expand SCHIP to cover more children from low- and middle-income families

It's up to those we elect to turn those ideas into reality. That's not about more government or less, but about what it actually does. But there's little talk of that tonight.

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Posted at 9:35 PM, Sep 03, 2008 in Middle-class squeeze
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