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Amy Traub Insurance Industry Foxes to Select the Henhouse Guards? Apr 16, 2009 Comments (2)
Kia Franklin More Docs Messin’ w/ Texas… While Texas Messes with Patient-Plaintiffs Oct 05, 2007 Comments (0)
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Elana Levin NY State Senators are “Sicko” of Insurance Industry Price Gouging Jul 23, 2007 Comments (0)
Amy Traub “If they wait long enough… the policyholders will die.” Mar 26, 2007 Comments (0)
Cyrus Dugger Katrina Litigation Reality Check Mar 16, 2007 Comments (1)
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Sarah Solon What really happened this year? The news the main stream media failed to print is in DMI’s Year in Review Dec 13, 2006 Comments (0)
From the Editors Our Blog Roll’s Blog Stroll Sep 02, 2006 Comments (0)
Elana Levin the insurance lobby is against reform. again. Aug 28, 2006 Comments (0)
Cyrus Dugger Follow Up: Tort Victim Tragedies Third Edition - “Tort Reformers” Argue That Cheaper is Better Than Safer Aug 21, 2006 Comments (1)
Cyrus Dugger Nationwide Insurance is On Your Side - Unless You are a Katrina Victim Aug 17, 2006 Comments (35)
Cyrus Dugger Why You Should be Able to Sue McDonald’s if You Spill Coffee on Yourself Jul 05, 2006 Comments (0)
Cyrus Dugger Top Three Misconceptions on Which the Class Action “Fairness” Act is Based Jun 28, 2006 Comments (0)
Cyrus Dugger The Top Seven Bad Things About the Class Action “Fairness” Act Jun 27, 2006 Comments (1)
Cyrus Dugger NY Auto Insurance Nightmare Continues: The Option of Indefinite Denial & Access to Your Med. Insurance Jun 26, 2006 Comments (2)
Cyrus Dugger The Option of Indefinite Denial: NYS Legis. Considers Auto Insurance Nightmare Jun 16, 2006 Comments (1)
Amy Traub Another Insurance Industry Boondoggle May 25, 2006 Comments (1)
Amy Traub Manhattan Institute: Junk Insurance Policies Would be Cheaper Apr 11, 2006 Comments (0)
Amy Traub Letter to the Editor of the Week Apr 07, 2006 Comments (2)
Elana Levin Scariest Bill you’ve never heard of Apr 03, 2006 Comments (0)
Amy Traub The Bad News Is, The Boss Can’t Afford To Provide Health Insurance Anymore. The Good News Is, It’s Consistent with the National Average Mar 29, 2006 Comments (0)
Amy Traub Insurance Man to the rescue? Oct 26, 2005 Comments (0)
Elana Levin Firing off a charge against the insurance gang Oct 21, 2005 Comments (1)
Harvey Rosenfield Hold On To Your Wallet Oct 20, 2005 Comments (0)