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DMI Announces 1st Netroots Advisory Council

This is about to go out to our email list but as DMIBlog readers - clearly you all should be the first to know...

Announcing a think tank first-- DMI's Netroots Advisory Council

DMI is a think tank that lives by the motto "if it wasn't read it wasn't written."
To that end, we have challenged the way think tanks relate to the online world by embracing the netroots and using the Internet as more than a place to house our reports. We created the one of the first public policy blogs, revolutionized the way Google is used for public awareness campaigns, released reports through more user friendly websites, and actively participate in the blogging community.

And now we are taking this commitment to the next level with the launch of our Netroots Advisory Council.

The Netroots Advisory Council and DMI will work together to find new ways to tap into the wisdom and energy of the netroots to enrich the public debate about the policies that shape our lives.

The Netroots Advisory Council members include some of the sharpest thinkers and innovators in the progressive netroots community. To date, members of the Council are:

Tom Watson, Council Chair, My Dirty Life and Times, OnPhilanthropy , New Critics

Phillip Anderson The Albany Project

Lindsay Beyerstein majikthise

Matt Browner-Hamlin Credo Action Blog, Hold Fast

Jason Chervokas The Astounding Trickster

Austin Evers, ACSBlog

Terrance Heath, Republic of T

Will James, OnNYTurf

Dave Johnson, Seeing The Forest

Julia, Sisyphus Shrugged

Howie Klein, Down With Tyranny, FireDogLake

Lance Mannion, Lance

Michael Murphy, Web developer, Drum Major Institute for Public Policy

Barbara O'Brian, The Mahablog

Chris Rabb, Afro-Netizen

Nancy Scola, Air America, MyDD, Nancy Scola

Scott Shields, MyDD

Keep your eyes on the DMI website and DMIBlog as we put our heads together with some of the best minds in the netroots to take policy information to the people, and take netroots-know-how to the world of public policy.

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Posted at 4:25 PM, Nov 03, 2006 in Drum Major Institute
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