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Pro-Immigrant Commercials Flood Long Island Television!

(I posted this blog yesterday to the Albany Project at Dkos while our site was down. Thought you'd like to read it here too now that the site is sort of working a little) Long Island WINS, a new campaign to change the currently toxic debate over immigration on the island is going on television with their message on the shared interest of immigrants and middle class Long Islanders. Today they are launching a significant Long Island media buy of innovative T.V. commercials available at the campaign’s website, and YouTube. If you're on the Island you'll see them on News 12 and on cable.

The ad below, “Salida del Sol “ – is a riff off Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning in America” ad -- points to the economic contributions of immigrants on Long Island: starting businesses, creating jobs, and embodying the region’s values of hard work and family.

The “Pupusas” ad is cute. It shows a few Long Islanders debating the best place on the island to get my favorite Salvadorian snack, pupusas . I admit it makes me hungry. Salvadorian food is really really good. And that's the point of the video; the cultural contributions immigrants make to the Island. 

The Drum Major Institute is one of the organizations advising on the campaign. Also involved are:

Long Island Immigrant Alliance

New York Immigration Coalition

The Workplace Project

Horace Hagedorn Foundation

Jobs with Justice

Long Island Community Foundation

What do you think of the ads? And what did you make of the New York Times piece on County Executive Steve Levy yesterday?

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Posted at 10:09 AM, Jun 14, 2007 in Immigration | Media | New York
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