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I promise that the next post here won't be a big info-dump of links to media about our "Saving Our Middle Class: A Survey of New York's Leaders" project. But I do think its interesting to look at the range of media responding to our event. This topic is one the public has been aching to discuss - one person reported hearing the survey gossiped about in her doctor's office. I too find myself thinking about the middle class squeeze while in the doctor's waiting room - I think it's a common symptom.

Newspaper Coverage

New York Daily News " Vanishing N.Y.C. middle class: Study says rising costs push a decent living standard out of reach" and column by Michael Daly "It's our town - but we can't afford to live here". Readers responded on their website here.

Metro Newspaper
- "The state of the middle class"

New York Times - "At Policy Conference, Practice for Mayor's Race"

amNewYork - "Experts: Middle class getting squeezed in NYC"

New York Post - "Vanishing City Middle Class"

New York Sun
- "Potential Mayoral Candidates Give Possible Preview of 2009" Oooh and Conservative Manhattan Institute Fellow Nicole Gelinas' predictable response op-ed in today's issue. She thinks that closing tax loopholes is a tax increase. Actually it's called enforcing the tax code. The rest of us pay taxes, why should the powerful be immune?

New York Observer - "The Crisis of the Upper-Middle Class: Big Pay Is Piddling in New York"

Blog Coverage

Gothamist - "City Leaders Think NYC's Middle Class is Screwed"

Daily Gotham's Daniel Millstone wrote three pieces "DMI On Middle Class New York; Mayoral Beauties Contend", "DMI Meet: Affordable Housing For Middle Class NYC" and

DMI Meet: Three Major Policy Presentations

New York Times blog the Empire Zone- "Talking About the City's Middle Class", "The Shrinking Middle Class" and "Video: Panel on the City's Middle Class" (Albany Project's footage). They had some really interesting comment threads - some of the largest that blog has had I think.

The Albany Project's BrooklynRaider - "Unequal New York: A Moral and Political Crisis"

Hero of the week, Phillip aka "Lipris" from The Albany Project shot our lovely video for YouTube. Here's his take on Former Govenor Cuomo's Speech and here's the video clips he shot of Congressman Weiner, Borough President Carrion and Councilman Liu facing off.

Nancy Scola of MyDD did two great posts on her site. "Mario Cuomo on Starving the Beast" (including the video she made of Gov. Cuomo explaining "Conservativism in Four Minutes or Less" and "So, What Say You? Is NYC Still Middle Class?"

TPMCafe - "New York's shrinking middle class"

The Politicker ran a number of posts including "Post-Partisan Mayoral Role Models"
Gotham Gazette's blog The Wonkster - "Saving NYC’s Middle Class"

TV Coverage and Radio

ABC 7 News "Startling new figures on NYC's middle class"

WCBS "Middle Class Squeeze Tighten's Grip on NYC"

New York 1 News "In the Papers". Andrea also appeared on their show "The Call" but its not online unfortunately.

1010 WINS radio had "Report: NYC's Middle Class Feeling Economic Squeeze"

WNYC's Brian Lehrer show interviewed Andrea, Comptroller William Thompson and John Mollenkopf, professor of political science at City University Graduate Center (both spoke at our event Monday) for the segment "Finding the Middle."

Still tracking down video of FOX Show: Fox 5 Live and My 9 News. I saw the News 9 segment and it was quite good.

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