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Latest from DMI’s Middle Class Squeeze in NYC conference

Justin Rocket Silverman's article for tomorrow's edition of am New York is already online "Experts: Middle Class getting squeezed in NYC"

Michael Bouldin from Daily Gotham has some pics
. He'll be offering his analysis later (promise).

Here's a few photos from DMI's photographer Laurent Alfieri.

carrion and weiner talking.JPG
Borough President Adolfo Carrion and Congressman Anthony Weiner talk with attendees.

Weiner and Batista Schlesinger.JPGCongressman Weiner and DMI Executive Director Andrea Batista Schlesinger on the panel "How Do We Make New York City a Place Where it is Possible to Become, and Remain, Middle Class?"

Carrion and Thompson.JPGBronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion speaking with NYC Comptroller William Thompson.

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