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DMI looks at where congress is headed on immigration reform

In case you missed it, do read DMI Director of Research Amy Traub's latest op-ed in, "Guest-Worker Caste System".

The word on the street is that Senator Kennedy is trying to shake loose some action on reforming immigration in the Senate. The New York Times reported that he was considering introducing the Senate bill from last year authored by Senator Arlen Specter. I applaud Senator Kennedy for being such a driving force in making congress look at immigration policy but there are serious problems with the Specter bill that must be addressed.

From Amy's op-ed:

last spring's bill contained a nonsensical multi-tiered system which would have offered legal status and a path to citizenship to some undocumented immigrants but not others, depending solely on the number of years they lived in the U.S. This measure, a superficial attempt at political compromise that responded to neither the needs of the economy nor the genuine concerns of middle-class Americans, deserves to be retired. But if Congress really wants to craft an immigration policy that would support and expand the American middle class, they should also reconsider another provision: the guest worker plan.

Read more here.

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Posted at 10:38 AM, Mar 19, 2007 in Employment | Immigration | Labor
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