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DMI’s Andrea Batista Schlesinger on Brian Lehrer Show at 11am

Is the middle class squeeze for real?

And who in politics are the real defenders of the middle class?

These are the topics Drum Major Institute Executive Director Andrea Batista Schlesinger will be discussing with Stephen Rose, a Fellow of Third Way on the Brian Lehrer radio show today at 11:05 am est.

If you read this blog chances are you know the answers so listen in to what I'm sure will be an awesome discussion.

The Brian Lehrer show airs on WNYC, the NYC NPR channel 93.9 FM and you can listen online from the WNYC website.
If you can't listen live, podcasts of past shows are available on the WNYC website.

Update: Missed the show? Listen in here.

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Posted at 10:10 AM, Nov 03, 2006 in Media | Middle-class squeeze
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