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putting poverty back in the papers

DMI's Welfare and Higher education Fellow Maureen Lane (you probably read her blogs every week) has a lot to say about the government's new welfare rules. As often happens when the topic is poverty this breaking story that will impact the lives of countless Americans got pushed off the front page of newspapers really fast. Thankfully one of my favorite publications, Tom knows how much the new welfare regulations matter and ran Maureen's latest op-ed on their front page.
In her op-ed Maureen writes:

the federal government has done little systematic evaluation of which state policies best succeed in moving families out of poverty. Instead, in the name of cracking down on fictitious welfare stereotypes, HHS has curtailed state flexibility and made it harder than ever for people receiving public assistance to get the education they need to attain long-term, family-sustaining jobs.

Maureen's mission to empower people on welfare to access higher education is getting recognition in the latest issue of City Limits Magazine . So if you want some real solutions to poverty, read up!

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Posted at 12:09 PM, Jul 18, 2006 in Cities | The Media | Welfare
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