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Paladino Dismisses Manhattan and Brooklyn

The New York State Republican candidate for Governor has made it know that he doesn’t care much for New York City. Or rather, he doesn’t like Brooklyn or Manhattan.

First complaining about the traffic in these two boroughs, Paladino went on to insult the residents of Manhattan, calling them “smug, self-important, pampered liberal elitists.”

Well, besides traffic jams and “liberal elitists,” Brooklyn and Manhattan also have:
• One in five of all New York State residents.
• One-fourth of all state income.
• Over one fourth of all businesses in New York State.
• One in three jobs in the state.

Dismissing liberal Manhattan and Brooklyn may make political sense for a Tea Partier, but doesn’t make much economic sense for the state.

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Posted at 4:51 PM, Sep 17, 2010 in Urban Affairs
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