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Voices for Immigration Reform Get Louder

A senior Senate Democratic aide told Politico that financial regulatory reform and a jobs bill are up next in the legislative agenda between now and the mid-term elections. But what about immigration reform?

According to the aide, immigration reform and an energy bill are the only two policies that have an unclear timeline. But immigrants and their allies are not taking this for an answer and have plans to continue pushing Congress and the administration to enact reform this year.

To increase the pressure, reform supporters are holding events and mobilizations all over the country. In New York, five immigrant students from the New York State Youth Leadership Council along with allies will kick off a 250 miles walk from NYC to DC this weekend. They will arrive to DC on May 1, joining four immigrant students from Florida that started their walk to the nation’s capital earlier this year. The walkers will be sharing their struggles as undocumented immigrants to highlight the urgency for the DREAM Act and broader immigration reform.

When the students from Florida set out to walk to DC, many thought they wouldn’t make it. This week they arrived to North Carolina and are less than a month away from reaching DC. It takes leadership and courage to do the right thing. Republicans and Democrats need to learn from these walkers and do what’s right for America by reforming our flawed immigration laws.

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Posted at 2:31 PM, Apr 06, 2010 in Immigration
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