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Is Newsday’s Immigration Coverage Suffering Because of Political Pressure?

According to Joe Strupp from Media Matters, there is significant evidence that Newsday, the largest daily newspaper on Long Island, reassigned two reporters because of complaints from Steve Levy, Suffolk's County Executive. Levy is widely known for his anti-immigrant views.

Strupp cites Newsday's reassignment of immigration reporter Bart Jones to the religion beat, implying that pressure from Levy was the reason for the change. Levy has publicly admitted that he submitted complaints about Jones.

Levy's efforts to control the press also "extend to others who are quoted or not quoted." Patrick Young, Long Island Wins blogger told Media Matters:

We have heard he [Levy] tries to keep immigrant rights advocates from being quoted,...As soon as there is some negative story about him, he calls to try to set the record straight.

Based on Levy's record, this is not a surprise. Read more of this story here

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Posted at 2:43 PM, Mar 09, 2010 in Immigration | Long Island | Media
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