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Readers of the DMI Blog already know about John Petro's recent report highlighting the proven policies New York can adopt from other cities. But let's be honest: these policy solutions will never become a part of the city's political discussion if the conversation ends here.

So we distributed the report far and wide. We wrote op-eds, blogged, and took the airwaves. And yesterday, John briefed a wide range of city political candidates and their policy advisers about the success of these policies and their potential to make a positive impact in NYC. We will continue these conversations with community groups, policymakers, and additional interested candidates of any party. After all, New York can only learn from other cities when New Yorkers know about the proven track record of their policy successes.

We're reaching out to people, but we also encourage you to reach out to us.

If you're a policymaker, aspiring policymaker, or represent an organization in New York and would like to attend an upcoming briefing about the policies featured in "No More Delay: Proven Policy Solutions for New York City" Contact John Petro. These policies can't solve all the city's problems, but together they represent a set of powerful steps with the potential to move New York forward.

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Posted at 8:15 AM, Aug 27, 2009 in Drum Major Institute | New York
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