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Students Storm the Hill for the DREAM Act

A twice-postponed immigration reform meeting between the Obama administration and key Congressional leaders is scheduled for Thursday. It's clear that Obama intends to push for immigration reform, as he said again on Friday, but a timeline has not been provided.

The DREAM Act and other immigration bills will be part of the discussion. Days away from the White House meeting, hundreds of students across the country will be drawing national attention to the DREAM Act. Today, students will participate in a National DREAM Graduation ceremony in the steps of the U.S. Capitol to call for swift passage of the DREAM Act. Solidarity events are being held from coast to coast.

The DREAM Act, first introduced in Congress in 2001, has strong bipartisan support. The President and leadership from both chambers support it. Educators, including the College Board and presidents of Harvard and Stanford Universities, have announced their support. In the last few weeks, businesses (Microsoft, NYC's CEOs and others) have also endorsed it.

Students can't continue to be denied educational and economic opportunities. Limiting their contributions and advancement hurts our economy and the country at large. The DREAM Act should not have to wait another year to be passed.

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Posted at 2:22 PM, Jun 23, 2009 in Education | Immigration
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