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Your Last Chance!

To support your favorite think tank AND get a tax break…

This has been a tough year for all of us but I hope you will make a gift to DMI today. It’s with your support that we keep the lights on and do the think-tank business you like to read about right here.

Next year will be critical. Here’s why you should support our work—no matter what the amount:

The most important issue facing the incoming Administration is the squeezed middle-class. This is our issue. We are the go-to for a progressive middle-class agenda, and are prepared with the ideas and tools to propel this agenda forward.

Cities will be the frontlines of the economic crisis. DMI’s advocacy for a progressive federal urban agenda, and our work to lift up the best models of policy that meet entrenched challenges on the local level, are necessary now more than ever.

New leadership at the top must be supported by fresh faces in the ranks of policy in DC and throughout the country. DMI Scholars is the first pipeline dedicated to supporting and guiding talented young people from underrepresented communities into professions in the public policy field.

We take the lead on issues too often ignored – even by progressives. That’s why we aggressively combat the
successful assault on regular Americans’ ability to access the court system.

We’ve seen the incredible power of the web to organize people around campaigns. But what do we do with their hunger to make a difference? From and to the DMIBlog, DMI is using the web to connect people to the policies that determine the quality of their lives.

We aren't a beltway think tank, and so won't be compromised by connections in our efforts to hold the new administration accountable for advancing a progressive agenda. Our location in New York City, the media center of the country, and around the corner from the Stock Exchange, gives us a bird’s eye view and the perspective to influence the debate locally and nationally.

Please do make a donation today. It is with the generous support of you, our DMI family, that we are able to continue our work and drive a progressive agenda for America forward. The times ahead are rough; we need ideas and discourse now more than ever.

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Posted at 10:52 AM, Dec 30, 2008 in Drum Major Institute
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