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Another Hate Crime Against Immigrants in Long Island

The killing of Marcello Lucero, an Ecuadorian immigrant, should be of no surprise to Long Island legislators and residents. This horrible murder is the result of the constant anti-immigrant (that has turned anti-Latino) sentiment promoted by the media and local politicians who think an anti-immigrant agenda helps them gain political points.

Patrick Young, from Long Island Wins, writes:

Should it surprise us that young men, hearing immigrants being described as criminals and invaders, would take it upon themselves to solve the problem with knives?

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident but a national phenomenon. Anti-Latino hate crimes rose by almost 35% between 2003 and 2006. As I reported before, hate groups increased by half since the year 2000 and the number of new anti-immigrant groups increased to 300.

Is this the way America wants to deal with our broken immigration system?

For updates on Lucero’s case and charges on the teenagers that stabbed him, check Long Island Wins

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Posted at 12:59 PM, Nov 10, 2008 in Immigration
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