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Support a New Kind of Voter

Dear DMIBlog readers:

I have a very special request of you today. Now you know I don’t ask for money every day (at least not from you!). But today I’m asking.

Today, I need your help supporting a new kind of voter. You know her.

She is curious and on Google:

Searching for information about the issues that are impacting her quality of life…

Searching to find out what exactly the people representing her are doing in Washington…

Searching for real information about policy, and not just politics…

It’s these curious voters who are clicking on DMI Google Ads by the millions.

c_smith ad.jpg

It’s these curious voters that have made our Google Adword campaign so popular that we max out our Google budget by noon almost every day!

Today we launched our first-ever Google Adword campaign to raise $10,000 between now and November 4 to make sure that every time someone Googles ‘middle class squeeze’ or ‘CEO pay’ a DMI ad pops up leading them to our hard-hitting analysis on Or when they Google their Member of Congress, a DMI ad pops up leading them to how he or she voted to strengthen and expand the middle class.

Please make a gift now. For every $25 you contribute, 50 people who google "employee free choice act” will get directed to DMI’s analysis on how unions helped build the American middle class… instead of some anti-union stuff!

Thank you for supporting DMI as we aim to transcend all the political noise by providing millions of curious voters with descriptions and analysis of the actual policies affecting their daily life.

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Posted at 1:41 PM, Sep 05, 2008 in Drum Major Institute
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