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State of the Union Analysis Coming Up…

SoTU graphic 2008.JPG Just as we did last year, DMI will be responding to President Bush's State of the Union address with an "instant analysis" of the President's remarks. Several hours after the address, we'll be posting a comprehensive analysis on the policies and proposals in the speech. So if you can't sleep on Monday night and just can't get subprime mortgages and economic stimulus packages out of your mind, check the DMI website late that night for a thorough analysis! Or alternatively, just come back on Tuesday...

On Tuesday morning, we'll also be posting a short video of DMI's Andrea Batista Schlesinger's thoughts and responses to the SoTU address.

Check back throughout the day today -- we'll be adding links to other sites that are liveblogging the address.

*UPDATE: Other SoTU Coverage*

This video at Campaign for America's Future compares some of Bush's promises from last year's SoTU address to the actual policies that ensued in the following year on issues like federal spending, health care, and education. The Campaign also has a "State of the Union by the Numbers" feature with statistics on health care, military spending, jobs, college cost, and other issues. The numbers, unfortunately, are less optimistic than the tone we're likely to hear in Bush's speech...

The Washington Post and the Hill both write on what Bush is likely to say tonight. In the Times, Slate editor Jacob Weisberg reflects on Bush's first SoTU speech and the changes that have ensued in the past seven years. Firedoglake, the Politico, and Kagro X of Daily Kos also have coverage of the event.

Here at DMI, we're thrilled to be partnering with Brave New Films and The Young Turks to cover the SoTU address. The live coverage over at Brave New Films will include a live blog, analysis, and running commentary. Before the speech, the guest list will include Sam Stein from the Huffington Post, Eric Boehlert from Media Matters for America, and Newsweek's Eleanor Clift. After the speech, syndicated columnist David Sirota, anti-war activist Tom Hayden, AmericaBlog's AJ Rossmiller, and DMI's own Andrea Batista Schlesinger will be offering analysis of the speech.

Go to the Brave New Films website or check out the live video coverage below!

Also, check out this great post by Sirota on the motives behind the trade policies Bush promoted in his speech.

MyDD had a BlogTalk Radio webcast on the SoTU this evening to go along with their fun live thread as well.

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