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This is the seventh and final installment in a series by former Governor Mario Cuomo.

mario cuomo.jpgThere are obviously a lot more significant issues to be discussed before we are asked to choose a President. North Korea, China, the proliferation of WMD, gun control, the “Inconvenient Truth”, the protection of our Constitutional rights, abortion. The list is a long one. The main point we should agree on now is that the candidates for President should discuss and debate all the big issues, in depth and in detail, in a way that measures more than glibness, memory and theatricality. Those things are not what makes a good president. Instead, we should test the candidates for good ideas, good judgment, experience, character, and intelligence. President Campbell of the Cooper Union has graciously offered to make the Great Hall at Cooper Union available for that purpose: we hope the candidates will take advantage of that opportunity and all the others they are being offered to win themselves the Presidency the way Lincoln did in 1860…by telling the truth as they see it, courageously, fully and honestly.

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Posted at 7:48 AM, Sep 16, 2007 in Government Accountability | Politics | Progressive Agenda
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