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Medicare 2019 and Student Loan Follow-up

Tuesday, the Social Security Trust, which also oversees Medicare, announced that Medicare would be overwhelmed by 2019. The number of people enrolled and the cost of their care will be more than the money the Trust has.

I have been learning about Medicare from the senior adults at JPAC (the Joint Public Affairs Committee of the Jewish Association for Service to the Aged). The program helps them keep healthy and vigorous in their retirement years as well as provides care for times of major health problems. They like the program. They think we should all have it.

Next Wednesday, the intergenerational committee composed of seniors from JPAC and students from the Hunter College Welfare Rights Initiative (WRI) will be hosting an Intergenerational Dance for Universal Health Care in the first floor West Lobby at Hunter College 1-3pm.

"The public debate about Healthcare can be confusing and not much fun," says JPAC's Muriel Beach. "Students and seniors designed this event to bring information about what's working and what can work better in healthcare in a way that connects us mind and body across generations."

"I don't have health insurance," says Sharlene Hamlet from WRI, "and most students don't" "Working with JPAC, I have learned that Medicare is a good model for the healthcare we all need." "Access to sound medical and preventative care affects all of us, no matter the age."

Students and seniors, all of us, need to be informed so that we can discuss and elect policy makers who can be innovative and proactive for this nations health. According to the Social Security Trust, we only have a dozen years. We need to get cracking.

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A little follow-up to the student loan debacle DMI has been covering. The New York Times reported Tuesday that Education Secretary Spelling wants to assemble a task force assessing student loans. Too little too late, I am thinking. Routine team assessments of important programs like higher education grants and loans are essential to keep goals and operations in harmony. However, many groups and organizations of students and other stakeholders have been highlighting the present inequities for a couple of years now. The state's Attorney Generals have stepped up and started investigations that have clearly caught fire. We should all urge our congressional representatives to change law to what makes sense. The direct loan program makes the most sense for students/parents and the federal government. The private companies can continue to grow the secondary market and sell loans to each other. It worked for Sallie Mae.

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Posted at 8:48 AM, Apr 26, 2007 in Education | Medicare
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