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An Inadvertent Admission

I just received an email from Dan Cantor, Executive Director of the Working Families Party, making an odd statement. Discussing the upcoming mid-term elections in an appeal for money, Mr. Cantor begins with the statement that "Taking Back Congress is in our grasp." Really? How many members of Congress does the Working Families Party have in its caucus? Oh, I see. You mean the DEMOCRATS are on the verge of taking a back Congress. That is an honest and understandable mistake by the WFP because virtually all it ever does is endorse Democratic candidates to run on its party line, providing no value-added for voters whatsoever. Of course, WFP would be loath to admit that the distinction between them and the Democrats is no more than a clever fiction; at least they would not do so intentionally.

Why am I again begin tough on the WFP on the DMI Blog? Let me be clear as to why: it is tough love. I believe strongly that we need a multi-party system in this country if we are to improve the quality of our government (in fact, we need at least four parties, not three). I also believe that a more progressive alternative to the Democratic Party is needed to move the party - my party - back to its progressive roots. Finally, I believe that the WFP has the potential to develop into such an alternative if that is really its objective. On the other hand, the WFP can do great harm by merely posing as such an alternative, because a fake third party can reduce the demand and support for a real one. Ultimately what Americans need is more choices, not the same choices with the different "Working Familes Party" brand name.

So now that Mr. Cantor has inadvertenly admitted in a widely broadcast email that even the WFP sees itself as Democrats with a substitute label, maybe the WFP's membership will look in the mirror and ask themselves if that is what they really want to be. Perhaps one day a real third party will stand a chance of taking control of Congress. Now that would be an event worth raising money around.

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Posted at 6:08 PM, Oct 25, 2006 in Politics
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