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On Immigration, Cities Get It

Cities are not afraid of voicing their opposition to Arizona’s new tough immigration law. San Francisco voted on a resolution to boycott Arizona, ending all contracts with Arizona based companies. And just Tuesday, two Arizona cities Tucson and Flagstaff, voted in favor of filing a lawsuit against the state over its draconian new immigration law

The municipalities argue that Arizona’s new “if you look like an immigrant, show me your papers” law raises concerns about excessive implementation costs and would affect the tourism industry. The cost of this new law on the state’s struggling economy is indisputable. Just take a look at the Flagstaff struggling economy: a $12.8 million budget shortfall this fiscal year, and city staff cuts by 14 percent, including the loss of 13 police positions. Estimates indicate that costs could rise into the hundreds of millions of dollars

Once again cities are a proactive voice, denouncing unpractical and unworkable policy solutions. When it comes to immigration policy, cities have set a good example by implementing and promoting integrative policies that allow immigrants to contribute to the economy, creating benefits for all, instead of policies that push immigrants deeper in the shadows.

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Posted at 5:52 PM, May 06, 2010 in Cities | Immigration
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