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Cities Lead on Immigration

Recently I wrote about the growing number of cities passing resolutions to voice their opposition and discontent with Arizona’s “if you look like an immigrant, show me your papers” law. In addition to San Francisco, Tucson, Flagstaff, Boston, Austin City, and Los Angeles, New York City and Pasadena have also passed similar resolutions. And today, Dallas city council members announced their intention to introduce a similar resolution in the coming days.

Cities are not only voicing their opposition to Arizona’s new draconian law, they are also implementing practical and inclusive policies to integrate immigrants into their communities. Just yesterday, Amy Traub DMI’s research director, gave us the good news that the city of Trenton added itself to the growling list of cities issuing municipal ID cards to all residents, including unauthorized immigrants.

Unlike Arizona, cities are promoting a pro-immigrant message and leading with practical and inclusive immigration policies that benefit all. Go Cities!

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Posted at 5:45 PM, May 18, 2010 in Cities | Immigration
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