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Happy Sunshine Week from President Obama and the Florida State Legislature!

Sunshine Week celebrates open government and freedom of information.

Unfortunate timing for Obama to threaten a veto on a bill that would open up "sensitive national security information."

But another guy who's receiving a lot of heat this week (and every week it seems) is Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Apparently, the Florida State Legislature just doesn't want him to fulfill is own campaign promise of open government.

Legislators there are slow to move on a bill that would improve upon existing Sunshine Laws. And the Florida League of Cities opposes the new legislation, arguing it would be tough on smaller cities.

But at least one city up North has decided to actually celebrate Sunshine Week with a small--but important--step forward for open government.

Chicago announced an online video archive of City Council meetings on Monday.

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Posted at 4:08 PM, Mar 16, 2010 in Cities
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