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Immigration March Pushes Reform Forward

Sunday’s “March for America” brought together 200,000 people from across the country, representing civil rights, immigrant rights, family, labor and faith groups in support of immigration reform. Supporters and organizers say this is only the beginning, as an escalation of actions and mobilizations is expected in the coming weeks and months to pressure the President and Congress.

Just two days before the mobilization, Senators Schumer (D-NY) and Graham (R-SC) released a blueprint of an immigration bill that would secure the borders, protect American workers, and legalize the undocumented. Addressing the crowd via a videotaped message, President Obama affirmed his commitment for reform and support for the blueprint.

Senator Schumer said: “If we get a second Republican, and there are four or five that are pushing, then we’ll put out the bill immediately…We’re ready to go.” Well, it seems that Republican support may be on its way, as RNC Chair Michael Steele just agreed to a meeting with immigration reform advocates and a growing number of Republicans say the party needs to change its positions on immigration in order to boost Latino support.

Now that President Obama’s major legislative priority, health care reform, has been signed into law, immigration reform can potentially be next in the agenda. Why? Because there is a strong and organized coalition in support of immigration reform, a legislative framework, and most likely the one more Republican Senator Schumer needs to move forward.

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Posted at 6:24 PM, Mar 25, 2010 in Immigration
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