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I would expect some union-hating out of The Wall Street Journal, but it appears metro beat reporters are just as happy to grumble about the stranglehold of pensions and benefits for public employees.

One reporter at the Miami Herald has decided that Miami's biggest problem isn't an SEC investigation into the city's finances or cuts to services, its dealing with the unions:

Now the new mayor must confront the biggest challenge yet, the pensions.

This same reporter egged on anti-union sentiment in February--and last August:

Miami pension benefits have skyrocketed 400 percent in recent years, strangling city finances and forcing Miami to dip into emergency funds to balance the budget. Simply, the escalating pension obligations of $166 million for 2009 and 2010 have Miami scrambling to avoid financial chaos. (Emphasis mine)

I think we should get this reporter his own chalk board.

The WSJ may frequently assail labor unions, but no one ever questioned which direction the WSJ editorial board leans. A reporter tasked to cover city finances should report the numbers and refrain from spurning civil servants.

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Posted at 3:22 PM, Mar 15, 2010 in Labor
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