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State of the Union 2009

“This year the President labored to keep breathing life into the same worn out ideology that has repeatedly failed America’s current and aspiring middle class. The President continues to proclaim the foundation of our economy sound when so many current and aspiring middle-class Americans are losing their spot in the American Dream. He prioritizes ideology over proven methods of stimulating the economy and providing health care. He uses the language of consumer choice to dress up what really amounts to unbridled corporate power and profiteering. He continues to assert that the market will right itself, if only people understand it more and restrict it less, despite all of the evidence to the contrary…”

That kicked off DMI’s analysis of last year’s State of the Union Address. This year, a new president addresses a new congress in the midst of a far grimmer economy. We anticipate a presidential agenda with much more to offer the current and aspiring middle class. In fact, the nation desperately needs it.

Will Obama’s housing plan be enough to save middle-class homeowners? Is the stimulus sufficient to stimulate? Can we really stop paying more than the rest of the world for health care while getting less? In short: Can Obama deliver?

Watch the President’s Address to Congress this evening and look here for DMI’s analysis bright and early tomorrow morning.

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Posted at 7:51 AM, Feb 24, 2009 in State of the Union
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