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We Need Artists, Too!

expatriate.PNGSupport for artists in our society is often lacking. Though artists serve our communities by stimulating our imaginations, revitalizing cultural vitality, provoking ideas through cultural commentary and promoting social change and dialogue, many struggle to make ends meet. Health care, insurance, decent housing and space to create are too often inaccessible or unaffordable.

Unlike the tradition of art in Europe, where artists were historically viewed as a crucial part of society’s fabric, in America, art is often viewed as inconsequential whimsy. We live in a culture that rewards predominant values of “hard work” and “industry” rather than “imagination” and “play.” Federal funding for the arts continues to be cut, while the role of arts in education continues to shrink.

Culture Project's new play, EXPATRIATE, tackles the artist’s basic quest for recognition and value. Claudie and Alphine, the two main characters, are black performing artists who leave America to pursue their dreams of stardom. Through realistic scenes, poetic dialogue and concert numbers, this new two-woman play with music, written by Haitian-American artist Lenelle Moise, shines a light on black womanhood, sexuality, and the relationship between art and fame.

Culture Project is offering DMI supporters and blog-lovers a special discount to see the show. Use code DMI26EXP to buy $26 tickets, as opposed to regular price of $41.

Playing at Culture Project – 55 Mercer Street - - till August 3.

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Posted at 6:41 AM, Jul 15, 2008 in New York | Progressive Agenda
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