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“Our Ignored Cities” in metro New York

An op-ed by DMI's Harry Moroz is in today's metro New York. Harry writes,

"As you read this, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with 8 million people, do you ever shiver with the strange feeling that you are being ignored? No wonder. We city dwellers are forgotten: The presidential candidates pay lip service to urban America while Congress argues about a farm bill on swine genome research and the Domestic Pet Turtle Equality Act (really).

Though we have learned quite well to fend for ourselves, the federal government and, in particular, our presidential candidates have all but ignored urbanites.

After 24 debates, the closest the Democratic presidential candidates have come to addressing urban issues is vague statements about fighting inner-city poverty and limiting gun control. The urban issues bullet points buried in the nether regions of their campaign Web sites have rarely seen the light of day and have rarely been “speechified,” unlike almost every insignificant issue imaginable. Meanwhile, Sen. McCain appears oblivious to city dwellers’ existence."

Read the rest of the op-ed here. For more about cities and urban issues, check out MayorTV, especially the new interviews with the mayors of Scranton, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey.

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Posted at 10:17 AM, May 06, 2008 in Cities | Drum Major Institute
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