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Gotham Gazette’s New York City Budget Maze

budget maze.pngAs Mayor Bloomberg calls for budget cuts and budget reforms are being debated, Gotham Gazette has launched a new online game that guides you through New York’s complicated and sometimes downright arcane budget process. If you are seeking to lobby the powers that be, the game offers a useful guide. If you are a student or a community activist, the three mazes should help you better understand the tortuous process that shapes city taxing and spending.

Players take the role of a knight, setting out to rescue funding cuts from the budget dungeon. They are given 180 days, from January to the end of June, to find their way through the maze and emerge with funding. How are these decisions made? How can citizens step into advocate and get involved in shaping the city budget? Our game will test your knowledge and (we hope) teach about how the city budget works.

So, grab your torch and step into The Budget Maze.

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Posted at 12:30 PM, May 19, 2008 in Government Accountability | Governmental Reform | New York
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