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DMI and Congresspedia Help Citizens Watchdog Congress on Immigration Reform

We're using DMI's expertise and at, the wiki-based citizen's encyclopedia on Congress, to help citizens research and publicize the voting records of their members of Congress.

Every week or two on Congresspedia, the staff editors select an important vote on a high-profile issue and write an article on the vote and a small description that citizen editors can add to the Congresspedia profiles of their members of Congress, along with how they voted. was indispensable in helping us wade through the muddle of the competing immigration reform bills and select two Senate votes that addressed the key issue of whether to create a path to citizenship or residency for undocumented immigrants.

With DMI's help we were able to quickly write up descriptions of the votes and instructions for the citizen editors. Thanks to Congresspedia's high traffic and search engine rankings, this means hundreds of thousands of citizens will find this information when reading the profiles of their senators.

You can help spread the word about these important votes by heading over to Congresspedia and adding the information to your senators' profiles. It only takes 5 minutes and no technical or policy experience is necessary. Instructions are here. There's also other votes on S-CHIP and civil liberties at our Congresspedia Voting Record Resource Center.

If you're a supporter or staff member of an advocacy or research organization working on Congress, we'd also be more than happy to work with you in creating similar projects for your issues. Information is here.

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Posted at 12:00 PM, Dec 05, 2007 in Congress
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