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Funniest Writers Strike Videos Thread

Members of the Writers Guild of America have generated some excellent YouTube videos to build on the publics' support of their strike. No shocker. What do you expect when folks from The Colbert Report go on strike? Nothing short of comedy gold on behalf of a cause that every working American should be care about.

The following is one of my favorites. I'll be adding to more to this thread as I see them (and post yours in the comments section).

They key policy line in this piece is that the media conglomerates are saying that they don't want to pay writers residuals on their work if its put out on dvd or on the web. To paraphrase the video above, the media moguls claim its too soon to know whether the internet will be a big money maker for the entertainment industry. Yeah. That would make a good premise for a "fish out of water" comedy.

The public isn't buying the big money line on this conflict. 63% of the public supports the writers.

Let's think about how we consume media. This weekend my family watched South Park online. We watched an episode of Twin Peaks from the complete dvd set I got for my birthday. I watched Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil online. The only live television I saw was Meet the Press. This is the way of the future. The entertainment industry knows it. So they need to start paying the folks who make their largess possible in a way that reflects where company profits come from and how media is consumed.

Keep your eyes on the union's strike blog for more updates.
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Here's another great one from the Colbert Reports' writers.

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Hat tip toSteve Perez (so good I had to feature it here)

and for the East Coast writers take on the strike check out

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