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“Don’t brush off progress New York has made”

This Sunday, DMI's Director of Research, Amy Traub, praised the policy victories for those seeking to obtain or maintain a middle-class lifestyle passed in Albany this session in an Op-Ed published in the Times Union. Amy points out that although there was gridlock in the legislature, it would be remiss of us to categorize this year as a waste of time, especially in contrast to past years. We've criticized the legislature here before, but the real victories from this past session need to be understood in order to garner bigger gains in the future.

So, here's some good news for a change!
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(note from Elana)
Hilarity! The Business Council of New York State's blog "The Knickerbocker Blog" thinks it's a conspiracy that the Times Union didn't identify Amy Traub as the Research Director at DMI when they ran her oped this Sunday. Actually it's an oversight on the part of the paper's website - the print edition of the Times Union says Amy's title loud and clear and their website would have too, had a staffer not forgotten to include it (as well as the title of another guest opinion writer) on their site. At DMI we like to make sure that the Institute's work is publicized and obviously having our name in the paper is part of that.

But hey, I guess the Knickerbocker Blog couldn't be bothered to read the print edition of the leading statewide newspaper.

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