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Four Progressive Policies You Should Know About

Right-wing pundits claim that progressive public policy will kill jobs, squander tax dollars, suppress innovation and let axe-wielding criminals run free. If that were true than why can moderate-income residents in Maine buy prescription drugs for as little as half the retail price? Why are some violent criminals in San Francisco 82 percent less likely to commit new crimes after their release from prison? Why can the state of Minnesota reclaim money from subsidies when economic development incentives don't produce the promised results? Why are 92 percent of four-year-olds attending a high-quality public preschool in Oklahoma?

If you read the DMIBlog I'm sure you know the answer. It's because progressive public policy solves problems. There is no reason that New Yorkers - or residents of any other state - can't enjoy the benefits of these policies as well.

"Lessons from the Marketplace," our latest report provides an in-depth look at policies from around the country that have been proven successes.

* Lessons from Minnesota on getting Accountability for Economic Development Subsidies
* Lessons from San Francisco on Reducing Criminal Recidivism
* Lessons from Maine on how to provide Affordable Prescription Drugs for the Uninsured
* Lessons from Oklahoma on Universal Access to Preschool

Each policy featured in Lessons from the Marketplace draws on a discussion from DMI’s acclaimed Marketplace of Ideas series, which invites policymakers from around the country to speak about the public policy they successfully pushed, its impact, and their on-the-ground experience getting the policy enacted. After their presentation, they engage with an expert panel of legislators, advocates, business representatives, religious leaders, and academics, to further discuss the policy and its implications for New York and the entire country.

So read the report Lessons from the Marketplace online. And you can also watch podcasts, listen to audio, or read transcripts of past events in DMI's Marketplace of Ideas series.

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Posted at 1:41 PM, May 31, 2007 in Cities | Progressive Agenda
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