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Announcing DMI’s 2007 Annual Benefit!

Save the date for June 21 2007!
An evening to benefit the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.
Cocktail Reception PLUS (No boring rubber-chicken dinners for the Drum Major Institute)
It's a festive affair celebrating our honorees and our work
Mingle with a diverse crowd of New Yorkers committed to creating social change
Eat great food, enjoy stimulating conversations and meet our inspiring honorees

RSVP by June 14
Presenting our annual Drum Major for Justice Awards to.....

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg for PlaNYC, his sweeping plan to make New York City a model for environmentally sustainable cities in the 21st century


Tavis Smiley
Host of Tavis Smiley on PBS and author of "The Covenant with Black America" for being an outstanding voice for social change in the news media and beyond.

Michael R. Bloomberg
Named one of Time magazine's 100 "Most Influential People in the World," Mayor Bloomberg stands apart from other American mayors. Not only is he a dedicated philanthropist, successful businessman and founder of Bloomberg LP, Mayor Bloomberg also likes to challenge the political status quo. This spring he unveiled an ambitious plan for our city that defies the inertia surrounding climate change, pollution and decaying infrastructure to boldly invest in New York's future today. After years of consultation with local communities and leading environmental experts, the mayor revealed PlaNYC 2030, a sweeping proposal to make New York City a model for environmentally sustainable cities in the 21st century. The plan boldly seeks to accomplish admirable goals that range from cleaning up all contaminated land in New York to reducing global warming emissions by more than 30%. "I make this promise to you...leadership is about recognizing challenges and seizing opportunities. And we are going to seize this opportunity - to lead the way forward and create the first environmentally sustainable 21st century city."

Tavis Smiley
Tavis Smiley started his career as an aide to the late Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley, and over the next two decades he built a socially-conscious media empire that brings "intelligent entertainment" to millions of Americans. His in-depth analysis and commentary on a variety of political and social issues is watched nightly on Tavis Smiley on PBS and heard on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Mr. Smiley has encouraged communities to social action with the New York Times bestseller - The Covenant With Black America, which he conceived and edited. "The Covenant will not truly be a success unless we realize its promise. To do that we must act; act as individuals to do what we can to improve our lives and the lives of those in our families and communities - that means becoming role models for the change we seek, volunteering, mentoring, organizing for change, speaking out, holding leaders accountable, and becoming advocates for justice."

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