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We’ll have State of the Union analysis here Tues. night!

(UPDATE! HERE's DMI's response)

President Bush is delivering his State of the Union address Tuesday night at 9pm.
While playing a drinking game based on how many times the President says the word "terror" may be a fun and educational endeavor it's not the only option.

That very night, DMI will be releasing a factual analysis of the domestic policy ideas the President presents in his speech. We do research to give you statistical data and expert information all synthesized into a handy-dandy webpage that shows what Bush's proposals would mean for the current middle class and aspiring middle class. We'll have our response up here on the DMIblog and website so you can check back here late Tuesday night before you pass out.

If your site is liveblogging the SoTU let me know! Here's the technorati tag to use if you'll be posting.

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Posted at 5:20 PM, Jan 19, 2007 in Drum Major Institute | State of the Union
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