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Progressive Policies will be the Legacy of Todays Young Activists

This week, we launched DMI Scholars, a pipeline dedicated to supporting and guiding talented young people into the field of public policy. It is time for a new crop of leaders in public policy that will fuel the progressive movement with bold, innovative ideas and effective advocacy.

The program is centered on a Summer Institute that will train talented young activists in the public policy basics; research, writing and analysis, and then hook them up with current leaders in the field that are successfully working to advance progressive policies. Our vision is that DMI Scholars will continue the legacy of activism as Legislative Directors, Strategists, Researchers, Chiefs of Staff, and Policy Directors.

Growing up in a suburb of Memphis, I was taught very early to appreciate the sacrifices that my parents generation made in the struggle for racial equality. But I also observed from an early age, the deep social and economic inequities that still remained along racial lines despite the strides in equity gained by the civil rights movement. My generations world view has been largely shaped by these legacies.

Its no wonder then that my generation has taken grassroots organizing and direct service to a new level. We have volunteered in record numbers. We have flooded the nonprofit sector which now accounts for more than 10% of the total U.S. economy.

So, now what? Todays young progressives are experiencing activism in a time of unprecedented technological advancements, while still challenged by the same inequities and corruption inherited from past generations. We need to cultivate a new crop of ideas that will take activism to yet a higher level of influence in the policies that shape and govern our nation. We need to practice activism through public policy. DMI Scholars is addressing that need, by giving sharp and creative, yet underrepresented young progressives an accelerated and accessible model for entry to the public policy world and a transformative experience that will impact their outlook on how they can affect their world.

Visit for more information on how to apply to the DMI Scholars Program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis December 8, 2006 through January 17, 2007.

DMI strongly encourages students of color, immigrants, members of the LGBT community, and students from low-income and working class backgrounds to apply.

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