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DMI Scholars - a pipline to policy for progressive students

In "Crashing the Gate" Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Jerome Armstrong rightly pointed out how "there is no coordinated leadership pipeline to train our young stars" in the progressive movement. The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy is doing something about that and the program is launching today.

As you've heard, conservatives have long excelled at nurturing their young into positions of influence. The Drum Major Institute's new DMI Scholars Program will serve as the progressive movement's pipeline dedicated to guiding talented young activists into the field of public policy.

Our newly elected representatives and progressives at all levels of government are hungry for superbly trained, articulate candidates to bring well-informed analysis and fresh ideas to the table. DMI Scholars is our answer to the need for a new generation of progressive policy leaders on the left.

As DMI Scholars advisory council member Iara Peng states in "Crashing the Gate," what is needed is a collaborative, long- term infrastructure for building the pool of talent that fuels the progressive movement over the course of time, so we are working in partnership with other national youth-led organizations and committing ongoing support as well as networking and internship opportunities to students who complete our intensive Summer Institute training.

DMI Scholars offers an accelerated and accessible model for young progressives to pursue public policy as a vehicle for their activism - it is not about connecting the already connected to the DC establishment. As a think tank staffed by young progressives who want to drive public policy, not just lament its failures, we created DMI Scholars to build a farm team of Chiefs of Staff, Issues Directors, and Legislative Analysts advancing a progressive agenda for our nation.

If you want to learn how to make an impact on the policies that impact you, become a DMI Scholar (and do pass on to the young activists in your life).

Our first Summer Institute training for DMI Scholars will be in New York City from July 29 - August 12, 2007. All expenses are covered. Applications accepted on a rolling basis December 8,2006 - January 17, 2007.

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