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Howie Klein shows how the Right wing's attacks on the Food and Drug Administration contributed to the contaminated spinach situation that's endangered many consumers. It's a jungle out there when food safety rules go un-enforced.

The Working Families Party blog explains why New York should strive to keep good paying manufacturing jobs in the city and maybe not turn so many mayonnaise factories into luxury lofts, in their thorough post, Why New York City Needs Industry. (my inspiration behind the mayonnaise factories is this classic spoof in The Onion). Another informative piece on this topic was in Metro Newspaper on Thursday, Real estate fears spread through industrial sector

Great econ blogger Bondad of The Agonist and Daily Kos fame reminds "Why Clinton's economy was much better than Bush's" and he uses some graphs to explain the looming housing bubble crisis.

Tom Watson's new blog site, On Philanthropy gives an inside the conference look at "What the Clinton Global Initiatve Meant"

At Majikthise Lindsey riffs off the New York Times' harrowing expose In Tiny Courts of N.Y., Abuses of Law and Power - offering her running commentary on these unjust and functionally illegal courts. The article says that in these Town and Village Courts

People have been sent to jail without a guilty plea or a trial, or tossed from their homes without a proper proceeding. In violation of the law, defendants have been refused lawyers, or sentenced to weeks in jail because they cannot pay a fine. Frightened women have been denied protection from abuse.

Lindsey observes " It's as if you gave Bill O'Reilly his own courtroom in a closet in upstate New York." But in all seriousness I have to agree with the title of this New York Times series "Broken Bench: This is Not America". Not only is it not American it is pre-Magna Carta "justice".

And after DMI's Marketplace of Ideas panel investigative journalist (and blogger) Norman Oder writes his take on the speakers and asks "Getting our money's worth with Atlantic Yards? Few care, and here's why"

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