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Read Ezekiel Edwards in the Daily News: Quality-of-Life Busts Jam an Overburdened System

zeke2_210.jpg Read Ezekiel's latest op-ed, running in yesterday's "Bronx Boro" edition of the New York Daily News.

From the article:

"Battling the highest crime rate of any of the boroughs, it is surprising that the Bronx still finds time to arrest a 57-year-old man selling bottled water without a vendor's license on a sweltering day in July; a 16-year-old Bronx high school student for writing with a permanent marker on his school desk in class; a person with a pack of cigarettes without a tax stamp..."

Read the article for a stinging indictment of New York's "zero tolerance" policing policy as experienced on the ground in the Bronx.

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Posted at 11:11 AM, Aug 16, 2006 in Criminal Justice
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